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We all deserve to live in such conditions that we think are suitable for us. If we can’t bring the things we desire to life, it makes us unhappy. Here at Pattaya Rent Service we want everybody to be happy.

To make your stay on Pattaya spotless you should clearly identify your expectations. What kind of accommodation do you need? What kind of interior and exterior do you want? What are the exact dates of your stay? What is your budget?...

We shall ask you to fill in the Rental Query in order to recognize your expectations and to do our best in making them real.   

The rental market in Pattaya is broad and diversified. If you say that you’d like to rent a studio (a small apartment which combines living room and bedroom into a single room), that would include such options as an apartment of 70 sq.m. with stunning bay view from a balcony jacuzzi for 50,000 Baht/month and a flat of 20 sq.m. at 4-5 km from the sea for 5,000 Baht/month. Among other things, furnishing and equipment in apartments, unlike in hotel rooms, may differ. One apartment may be furnished only with a bed, a fridge and a TV-set. Another would have two coffee machines, a washer and Internet as well as swimming pool, tennis court and children’s playground in the premises.

Please feel free to share all your wishes with us. We’ll take them into account and help you to bring them to life.